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We are a group of insurance professionals with a passion for helping others achieve their best life.


Maria Simpson

Leadership Team, Insurance Specialist, Agency Manager

Maria graduated Montclair State University and pursued a career in accounting and management.

While working at Bear Stearns, she met her husband Ed, who was working in the staffing industry. They started a family and Maria gave up her career to be home during the early years of raising their two daughters.

Maria then attended school to become a state licensed massage therapist and opened her own business.

With the children now older and the ever-increasing costs of a comfortable family lifestyle, Maria decided she wanted to pursue a different path; one that would provide more financial security while enabling her to still help others.

So, she became an independent insurance agent and agency owner and now enjoys flexible working hours, unlimited earning potential, and the peace of mind in building a secure financial future.

Maria enjoys helping new agents get started and on track to achieve the success they desire.

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Jane Hill

 Leadership Team, Sales, Agency Manager

Jane attended school at UC San Diego preparing for law school when she realized she needed to work on her people skills to be a successful lawyer.

Determined, she looked for a job in sales and found a door-to-door sales job selling office supplies.

Jane quickly realized there would be significantly more flexibility with time and income potential if she pursued a career in sales instead of law.

This is also where she met her husband James and they have worked together since.  Their work took them from door to door, to in-home sales.

They also turned to real estate investment in search of something providing residual income and financial freedom.

Unfortunately, during the great recession, they lost everything and amassed significant credit card debt. Something needed to change, and it did...James stumbled on an ad to sell mortgage protection.

It’s been over 10 years since Jane became an agent and during this time Jane has consistently been a top producer, securing the financial freedom and lifestyle she and James desire. Jane also travels the country to help train new agents.

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James Hill

Leadership Team, Recruiting, Agency Manager

James was going through OCS with the Marine Corps when he got injured and realized life had a different plan for him.

He began reading about leadership principles and residual income through authors like John Maxwell and books like Rich Dad, Poor Dad when he joined a door-to-door sales organization. It was there; he met his wife Jane.

Jane was looking for a sales job so she could improve her people skills while she prepared to attend law school.

They sold carpet door, to door and then started a community center for kids, and then invested in real estate. Unfortunately, they got into real estate just before the market crashed.

Debt piled up, and they almost lost their home. They knew they needed a change, and that's when James stumbled across a job ad for mortgage protection and insurance sales.

This was ten years ago and and since becoming an independent agent, James has built his own business and now enjoys the financial success he and Jane set out to achieve. James also helps other agents grow and achieve their dreams for their families.


Ed Simpson

Leadership Team  Recruitment Training and Agency Development


Ed is an industry leader with over twenty five years of recruitment, business development, and training experience in the staffing and recruitment industry. Throughout his career, Ed has worked in senior management roles and provided consultative services to a variety of small, medium, and large firms. He excels at connecting, training, and building effective teams and business models..

Ed is a great resource for our agents and enjoys helping them develop their skills and achieve their business goals.

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We have a simple business philosophy… we want to help YOU become the best you can be and make more money than you ever thought possible.  And, even more importantly, it’s by helping others every day! A great formula for success!

We’ve got everything you need to succeed, from studying for your insurance license to sales and product training from experts in the industry to partnerships with top-rated insurance carriers.

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